Mike Harding


Grew up in and around Eketahuna in the 1950's and 1960's. University and High School teaching competed in the 1970's with the guitar and the urge to travel. A musical apprenticeship in the streets, markets and clubs of Auckland in the early 1980's was followed by Mike's "Time on the Road" decade, taking his all-Kiwi, solo acoustic shows to all corners of New Zealand and bits of Australia and Britain. Seeing home from over the seas strengthened a sense of identity and inspired the search for songs that tell our own stories. The need to know more about the songs he was singing and recording led to the 1992 publication of "When the Pakeha Sings of Home", Mike's source guide to the folk and popular songs of New Zealand.

Mike's tenth recording "Past to the Present", is drawn from some of the homegrown repertoire recorded and broadcast to New Zealand by National Radio in the 1990's.

This has been followed by "Here we Have a Land", featuring folk songs of New Zealand's past & present along with the best of Mike's original songs.

Recent years have seen the wandering minstrel living in New Plymouth, teaching guitar and being a family man while still performing Kiwi music solo or with Taranaki combo Gumboot Tango.